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Building a financially inclusive world, with access to economic opportunity for all, by giving people the financial tools they need to improve their lives.
Since 1957, has improved health for Africans through training, capacity building and advocacy in HIV/AIDS, malaria, family health, water and sanitation and clinical outreach.
Since 1957, has improved health for Africans through training, capacity building and advocacy in HIV/AIDS, malaria, family health, water and sanitation and clinical outreach.
Develops self-help programs in Africa to increase food production, develop clean water resources, manage the environment, strengthen health care and deliver emergency assistance.
For people in the Himalaya- Tibetans, Sherpas, Nepalis- who are in need and have no one else, we bring life-changing education, health care, opportunity.
American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) advances the well-being of people in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan.
International relief and development agency empowering people impacted by conflict and disaster to recover and rebuild their lives with dignity.
Global grassroots organization, impartial and non-political, whose membership takes collective action to stop grave abuses of human rights. 2.8 million members. Nobel Peace Prize winner.
Fights root causes of poverty in 84 countries; special focus on empowering poor women to lift themselves, their families and communities out of poverty.
Fighting poverty, hunger and injustice through partnerships and locally originated community development programs; responding to disasters with emergency supplies and reconstruction of homes and livelihoods.
Creates opportunity in Latin America's poorest communities by training teachers, improving libraries, delivering books and igniting children's ability to imagine, pursue and realize better lives.
Helping deprived, excluded and vulnerable children have the capacity to become young adults and leaders who bring lasting and positive change in their communities.
Transforming the lives of children in the developing world through care for orphans, feeding programs, education, medical work and spiritual outreach based on the Bible.
Our Mission is to bring lasting change to impoverished children by reducing their daily struggles and providing opportunities for better health, education and success.
CFF/WER is transforming children's lives in 15 countries by providing food, medical care, safe water and educational support to orphans, displaced families, and disaster victims.
Provides holistic care to over 10,000 orphans and vulnerable children in nine countries with food, clean water, education, discipleship, job skills, medical and other needs.
Helping impoverished children around the world become productive, self-sufficient adults by providing them with education, nutrition, health care, life skills and job placement assistance
Exists as an advocate for children, releasing them from spiritual, economic, social, physical poverty in Jesus' name through holistic child development in 26 developing countries.
Working in partnership to empower people, communities and institutions to drive and sustain their own development.
Direct Relief improves the health and lives of people affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest.
ELIC provides excellent English language instruction to students in Cambodia, China, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar and Vietnam through passionate educators with a love for Asia.
A compassionate response of the Episcopal Church to human suffering. With partners, the organization empowers communities to create solutions to poverty and recover from disasters.
Provides financial services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living.
FMSC provides nutritionally complete meals to starving children worldwide. The prepackaged dry meals cost less than a quarter each and are assembled by volunteers.
Founded in 1979, Feed The Children's mission is providing hope and resources for those without life's essentials.
No woman should suffer a life of isolation and misery simply for trying to bring a child into the world.
Overcoming worldwide poverty by providing health, human services, disaster relief, education and agriculture to the impoverished to help their communities become self-sustaining.
A public charity committed to saving children's lives and protecting people's health by increasing access to immunisation in developing countries.
GiveDirectly is a non-profit organization currently operating in Kenya that aims to help people living in extreme poverty by making unconditional cash transfers to them via mobile phone (through m-Pesa). It is the first charity dedicated exclusively to cash transfers.
Supports leading U.S.-based international charities to address critical needs throughout the world. We help ensure sustainable solutions by meeting real needs with real results.
GJC uses innovative and strategic enforcement of international law to establish global human rights based on the rule of law and gender equality.
We partner with activists in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to build the grass roots movements that promote and protect human rights.
Our mission is to catalyze a global market for ideas, information, and money that democratizes aid and philanthropy.
Is an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping underserved children around the world secure the medical care they desperately need to live more fulfilling lives.
Helps poor families worldwide become self-sufficient by providing food- and income-producing animals and training in animal management, environmentally-sound farming and community development.
Eradicating preventable and curable blindness through high-quality ophthalmic care, education and the establishment at a world-class eye care infrastructure.
Create a brighter, more equitable future for women and girls. ICRW empowers women, advances gender equality and fights poverty through research, capacity building and advocacy.
IESC creates prosperity and stability around the world through private enterprise development for the people and places that need it the most.
Provides humanitarian/development assistance to people in U.S., Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East who have been devastated by man-made and natural disasters.
Working to reduce the suffering of the world's most vulnerable groups and provide the tools and resources needed to increase their self-sufficiency.
Assists victims of disaster, poverty, and neglect worldwide, providing immediate relief and long-term programs including medical training, surgical and clinical outreach, and health promotion.
Our commitment to freedom, human dignity, and self-reliance is reflected in well-planned global emergency relief, rehabilitation assistance, resettlement services, and advocacy for refugees.
Our commitment to freedom, human dignity, and self-reliance is reflected in well-planned global emergency relief, rehabilitation assistance, resettlement services, and advocacy for refugees.
IYF programs are catalysts of change that help young people obtain a quality education, gain employability skills, make healthy choices and improve their communities.
Our mission is to help millions of people out of poverty quickly, cost-effectively and sustainably by developing and promoting money-making tools for the rural poor.
We believe structural problems deserve structural solutions. Without secure land rights, other global investments - education, micro-credit, health - lack sustainability.
Supports Lions Clubs in 207 countries in addressing the various needs of their communities through grant programs including sight, youth, health and disaster relief projects.
Affirming God's love for all people, we work with Lutherans and partners around the world to end poverty, injustice and human suffering.
Providing lifesaving aid worldwide following a disaster or conflict, and helping local populations design and implement sustainable programs to promote health and economic development.
Mercy Ships delivers free world-class healthcare to some of the world's poorest nations while training local surgeons and healthcare workers, increasing developing nations' healthcare capacity.
We are redefining the approach to ending extreme poverty and enabling rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa to move from hunger to self-sufficiency by 2015.
By supporting grassroots, community-based organizations, we help highly vulnerable communities in the Middle East and Africa achieve social wellbeing, economic security and good governance.
Dedicated to alleviating human need and suffering throughout the world through hunger relief, clean water, medical aid, disaster relief and community development programs since 1978.
We collaborate with local partners worldwide to provide microfinance services allowing poor entrepreneurs to develop steady income, provide for families and create jobs for neighbors.
Protecting teenaged orphans in Russia from lives of prostitution, crime and homelessness. Enabling lifelong success and healthy families to break the cycle of repeat orphans.
Oxfam America is an international relief and development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and injustice.
Poor communities have the right to safer childbirth, life-saving vaccines, and lives free from AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. We create solutions for better health worldwide.
Empowers disadvantaged people in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve economic and social progress, strengthen civil society, and prepare for and respond to disasters.
Plan International USA is part of a global organization that works with communities in 50 developing countries to end the cycle of poverty for children.
World's largest organization for orphaned and abandoned children. Since 1949, we have grown to over 540 Villages in 133 countries, including the United States.
SAWSO maintains its original aim: to help people help themselves through sustainable programs that improve living conditions, raise skill levels, increase productivity and instill self-confidence.
Works for the survival, protection and development of children worldwide through fundraising, education and advocacy.
We defend human rights and civil liberties, promoting environmental and economic justice with grassroots partners worldwide, while engaging our members to serve as citizen-activists.
Village Enterprise's mission is to equip people living in extreme poverty with the resources to create sustainable businesses.
Water For People is an international organization that supports the development of sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education programs in developing countries.
Watsi connects you with patients in serious need of low-cost medical care and enables you to fund high-impact treatments.
The Foundation's mission is to enhance people's capacity to meet global challenges by improving global health, protecting the environment, strengthening economies and promoting healthier childhoods.
We provide direct aid, rights awareness and leadership education, vocational skills training and income generation support to women survivors of war, conflict and civil strife.
Provides microloans to women, care to AIDS orphans, and education, agricultural training and disaster response services to hurting people around the world.
Provides emergency relief and community-based solutions to alleviate poverty in 18 countries and provides assistance to refugees in the United States.
Relief and development organization helping children worldwide by tackling causes of poverty and developing access to clean water, food, health care, education and economic opportunity.
The national grassroots organization working to stabilize global population so that we can protect our environment, empower women, and improve everyone's quality of life.