Frequently Asked Questions


Are donations pre- or post-tax?
Donations are post-tax. You will receive a donation confirmation at the time of your pledge for tax purposes. Your charitable deductions will also be reflected on your pay stubs.
Can international employees participate?
Yes! International employees can donate by credit card.
This is awesome, how can I get RBU for my friend’s company?
Does my favorite charity participate?
Any registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit is eligible through RaisedBy.Us; in fact, there are over 1.5 million charities listed in our system. If you can’t find your favorite one, first try searching by their EIN (unique tax ID number) and if you still can’t find them, let us know they should be added!
How much can I donate? How little?
As little as $1/paycheck ($26/yr). As much as…the sky’s the limit.
Is it a percentage donation or can I do a specific dollar amount?
It’s a specific dollar amount that you choose.
Who can I donate to?
Over 1.5 million charities


How do I enroll?
You will receive a welcome email from RaisedBy.Us powered by Bright Funds. Log in with your company email address and you’ll be prompted to create a password. Once you’re logged in, click on Donate, and then Explore Causes. You can give to one of our vetted “funds” comprised of carefully researched nonprofits, create your own fund, or search for your favorite charity in the search box.
  1. Once you’ve decided who to give to, click the Donate button
  2. Choose recurring or one-time donation
  3. Enter your donation amount and start giving. You’re amazing!
Screenshot: Explore Causes
How can I see what my donations have done?
Allow your email address to be shared with the nonprofit(s) you give to so they can share the impact of your giving.
Will I receive a donation receipt for tax purposes?
Yes, on your My Donations page, you can download your yearly tax information.
Will people know how much I donate or who I donate to?
No. That’s confidential.


Why do this instead of donating ad hoc?

Workplace giving enables donors to plan, budget, and track their annual donations in one place.

  • Workplace giving programs raised over $100 billion for charities over the past 35 years Employee giving campaigns are the lowest-cost, highest-yielding method for charities to raise funds:

Employee giving campaigns are the lowest cost, highest yielding method for charities to raise funds:

  • On average, charities spend up to 25¢ to raise $1 from individuals outside of workplace campaigns; within campaigns the cost is 10¢ to 15¢ per $1.
  • The average gift for workplace donors is $25/month vs. $16/month for other donors.
When does each enrollment period happen? Do I have to re-enroll every time?
Enrollment periods normally happen 1-2 times per year per company, but you only need to enroll once.
If I donate to multiple charities, how do I know how much money goes to each (for taxes)?
You can allocate a specific amount to be donated to each charity you give to.
Or, if you create a fund, your total donation amount will be distributed evenly between the charities in your fund (i.e. $30 would be distributed 3 ways between 3 charities).